Rapid real-world testing using git-deploy

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <avarab@gmail.com>
FOSDEM – February 5, 2012

What is git-deploy?

It's a tool to make deployments really easy

We've gone from deployments being a hard manual process, to doing dozens of them a day.

deploys per month at Booking.com

It's highly configurable and pluggable

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What's the core concept behind it?


So how does it actually work

Step 1: start

Step 1: start - example of someone already deploying

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

Step 1: start - example of a successful start

Step 2: sync

Step 3: finish

Step 4: panic

OMGWTFBBQ we're spewing errors

git-deploy revert -- re-sync out a previous version

$ git-deploy revert
# INFO : Starting step 'revert' at 2012-02-03 12-09-50
# INFO : Working directory was checked out to tag 'frob-20120203-111220', will restore this tag on abort
# INFO : 
The following commits are available to revert the site to:
# INFO : Filtering list by m/^frob/ (use `git-deploytool show .` to see all).
# INFO : SHA1........  tag: PREFIX-YYYYMMDD-HHMM == Original rollout of same sha1
# INFO : Tags against active commit are marked with a '*' and are highlighted differently
   1.   ac6152d369 *tag: frob-20120203-111220       ==     office-20120203-110941
   2.   639022c78d  tag: frob-20120202-160118      
   3.   fc29e97c43  tag: frob-20120202-132719      
   4.   77b932ea11  tag: frob-20120201-164625      
   5.   f2ffb24388  tag: frob-20120201-163350       ==     book-20120201-162541
   6.   a7bf6eb7c8  tag: frob-20120201-140814      
   7.   ee728fa093  tag: frob-20120201-110816       ==     frob-20120131-145422     frob-20120131-121103     frob-20120130-171544     frob-20120130-121126
   8.   cb3189bf21  tag: frob-20120201-105349       ==     admin-20120201-103938
   9.   ee728fa093  tag: frob-20120131-145422       ==     frob-20120131-121103     frob-20120130-171544     frob-20120130-121126
  10.   e987ca15e1  tag: frob-20120131-143318      
# INFO : Showing first 10, *bignum* of *bignum* not shown (111 filtered). Use --count=N or different filter to show more (N=0 shows all)
Please select a commit from 1-10 to revert to, or 'quit' to not do anything: quit

Why use it?

What doesn't it do?

Why does it work for us / Why do we need it?

Thank you!, questions?